Rosa of the Wild Grass

Rosa of the Wild Grass Book Cover

Rosa of the Wild Grass,

The Story of A Nicaraguan Family

'A poignant, gripping, sensitive tale.'
Noam Chomsky

'Rosa of the Wild Grass, the Story of a Nicaraguan Family', is a true story told by Rosa, her mother María and her extended family. They live in La Concha, a small town not far from the capital Managua. Theirs is a story of a community spirit that grew like wild grass. It was strong enough to survive the darkest days of the Somoza dictatorship. It's this community spirit that made the Sandinista revolution and the transformations it brought. This is a spirit that could not be destroyed by the Contra war or the subsequent decades of poverty.

In mid-July I left too. I managed to get a lift to near Rubén's place, to the Monte Tabor Church. I could hear firing nearby and escaped inside the church. As soon as I stepped inside I felt overwhelmed by grief. The sound of all the women and children praying filled the church and I sat down with them. Everyone was praying for an end to the war, for an end to the fighting. There was Christ shining on the Cross, lit by a hundred candles. I don't know how long I sat there praying. ‘Dearest María, Somoza isn't letting go, he won't give in. He's bombing women and children, killing our sons. Please, no more, let this war end. How many more wounded, how many more killings will there have to be?
This must end.'

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