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Rosa of the Wild Grass

The Story of A Nicaraguan Family

'A poignant, gripping, sensitive tale.'
Noam Chomsky

'Rosa of the Wild Grass', is a true story told by Rosa, her mother María and her extended family. They live in La Concha, a small town not far from the capital Managua. Theirs is a story of a community spirit that grew like wild grass. It was strong enough to survive the darkest days of the Somoza dictatorship. It's this community spirit that made the Sandinista revolution and the transformations it brought. This is a spirit that could not be destroyed by the Contra war or the subsequent decades of poverty.

In mid-July I left too. I managed to get a lift to near Rubén's place, to the Monte Tabor Church. I could hear firing nearby and escaped inside the church. As soon as I stepped inside I felt overwhelmed by grief. The sound of all the women and children praying filled the church and I sat down with them. Everyone was praying for an end to the war, for an end to the fighting. There was Christ shining on the Cross, lit by a hundred candles. I don't know how long I sat there praying. ‘Dearest María, Somoza isn't letting go, he won't give in. He's bombing women and children, killing our sons. Please, no more, let this war end. How many more wounded, how many more killings will there have to be?
This must end.'

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January 2018

'My home is your home, mi casa es su casa' exhibition - images:
See the exhibition at WASPS studios Briggait with artwork from Project Ability artists
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27th November 2017 -
26th January 2018

WASPS Studio Glasgow - The Briggait: 'My home is your home, Mi casa es su casa' exhibition
An exhibition of prints and wall hangings from the images Fiona Macintosh painted for 'ROSA of the Wild Grass'. The exhibition portrays survival through conflict, trauma and recovery through community spirit and will include works by artists from Project Ability which explore their feelings about their own communities (the Project Ability part of the exhibition goes on display after 15th December).
For the programme of workshops and readings see the exhibition leaflet or Briggait website below for more details.
The book 'ROSA of the Wild Grass' will be available for purchase at the WASPS office
Mon-Fri, 9:30am-5:30pm The Briggait, 141 Bridgegate, G1 5HZ (free entry)
View Exhibition leaflet →   WASPS Studio Briggait website →


Rosa's Incredible Journey from Nicaragua
Latin America Bureau looks at Rosa's journey to exhibition at WASPS Briggait Glasgow →

2nd November

New Cunnighame Art Group:
Presentation of the book's illustrations to Ardrossan New Cunninghame Art Group

24th October

Sheffield Book Festival:
Off The Shelf - Sheffield Book Festival 2017 - reading from 'Rosa of the Wild Grass'.
Off The Shelf Book Festival →

23rd September

Tidelines Book Festival:
Tidelines 2017 - Irvine's festival of writing talent. Tidelines will serve you a feast of exciting authors, ready to enrich your love of reading and your passion for ideas. 23rd September 4:00pm Irvine Harbour Arts Centre - Fiona Macintosh reads from 'Rosa of the Wild Grass'! £4
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'My home is your home, mi casa es su casa' exhibition - images and visitor reactions:
Latest images from the exhibition and workshops
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First Anniversary Of A Remarkable Book:
Latin America Bureau looks back at the impact and success of 'Rosa of the Wild Grass' as the book reaches its first anniversary... →

11th May - 13th July

An Exhibition of prints and wall-hangings by Fiona Macintosh based on her book 'ROSA of the Wild Grass, The Story of a Nicaraguan Family' The exhibition includes a collective artwork by students of St Matthews Academy. Fiona's book “Rosa of the Wild Grass” & will be available for purchase in the HAC. Free Entry
See images from the exhibition →   Harbour Arts Centre Facebook →

27th April

Glasgow Women's Library Story Café Special: Fiona Macintosh 27th April at 12:30 pm - 2:30 pm. Put a spring in your step at our lunchtime Story Café, as we travel the world, one tale at a time. Bring along a bite to eat and relax as we enjoy stories and poems from some of the best women writers world-wide.
Glasgow Women's Library →